Begin preparations for the summer season 2013

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Begin preparations for the summer season 2013


Coastal Association - Delta signed on January 23 this year a partnership with the Inspectorate of Constanţa County Constabulary for summer 2013. Aim is to ensure greater protection of tourists who spend their holidays on the Romanian seaside and fewer unpleasant incidents in the area.

Among the most important responsibilities that you have the two institutions from this partnership, we mention:

• the organization of regular meetings will be invited to attend local government representatives, employers, businesses on the coast, Constanta County Gendarmerie Inspectorate, Association Seaside - Danube Delta, the Prefecture of Constanta and other other institutions to identify and address issues that jeopardize the safety of tourists on the Romanian seaside, during the year and especially during summer 2013;

• mutual information and timely data and information relevant to the identification of violations of the provisions of legislation that may affect the safety of tourists, objectives, goods and values ​​and other statements in this Protocol;

• carrying out lobbying by representatives accommodation units and agencies on the Romanian seaside tour operator for referral early on IJJ constant arrival of large groups of tourists with organized transport or cruise ships only in 2012 generated over 32,000 tourists organized large outdoor events and so on, so IJJ can take effective preventive measures for the safety of tourists are on the Romanian seaside.

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