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Hotel Karo * * *

Address: Sat Magura
  Măgura, 607305, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 511808

Fax: +40 234 517066;+40 234 511808

• KaRo Club is located in the outskirts of Bacau city, only ten minutes from downtown; Also known as "HANUL DINTRE VII", KaRo Hotel has a privileged position that offers a panoramic view of Bacau City and of the surroundings.
Hotel Atlas

Hotel Atlas * *

Address: Jupiter, Constanţa county, Romania

Phone: +40 241 731307

Fax: +40 241 731307

The Atlas Hotel from Jupiter is a hotel with a wonderful panorama on the North: the Tismana lake, the beach and the sea and it is situated 50 m away from the sea coast.
Hotel Coroana

Hotel Coroana * *

Address: Str. Republicii, Nr. 62
  Braşov, 500030 , Braşov county, Romania

Phone: +40 268 477448

Fax: +40 268 418469

Located in an Art Nouveau building from 1910, Hotel Coroana offers rooms with cable TV. The hotel is situated in a pedestrian zone in the historic centre of Braşov. A restaurant offering international cuisine is featured on site.
Hotel Aro Palace

Hotel Aro Palace * * * * *

Address: Str. Eroilor Nr.9
  Braşov, Braşov county, Romania

Phone: +40 268 477664;+40 268 477664

Fax: +40 268 475250

Because of the experience accumulated over the years, we managed to exceptionally harmonize business with pleasure and provide a service guaranteed to meet your needs.
Hotel Traian

Hotel Traian *

Address: Str. Lunii, Nr.7
  Braşov, Braşov county, Romania

Phone: +40 268 333065

Fax: +40 268 333065

Situated close to Tampa hill, this hotel is different from all the others, not only from the architectural point of view, but also by its ambient. The nice area, very easily accesible, allows one to apreciate the beauties of the nature, but also an intimacy that every tourist expects in their holidays. Also, the interiors are wide, in order to offer comfort to the guests.
Hotel Miruna

Hotel Miruna * * *

Address: Str. Drumul Sulinar Nr. 51
  Poiana Brașov, Braşov county, Romania

Phone: +40 268 262120;+40 268 262055

Fax: +40 268 262055

Do you feel like leaving all your problems, forget about dust and pollution? Do you need peace, confort and relaxation?
Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal * * *

Address: Str. Cetinei Nr. 12
  Zalău, Sălaj county, Romania

Phone: +40 260 606061

Mobile: +40 743 022066

Hotel Royal is just 1 km away from Zalău’s centre, in Sălaj County. Its elegant rooms have a balcony and free Wi-Fi. Facilities include a restaurant and a garden surrounded by a large covered terrace.
Hotel Majestic

Hotel Majestic * * *

Address: Neptun, Constanţa county, Romania

Phone: +40 241 618184;+40 241 488206

The Majestic Hotel 3*** is situated in the central area of the resort, 2 minutes away from the beach.
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Hotel Corina * *

Address: Venus, Constanţa county, Romania

Phone: +40 241 731409

The Corina Hotel is situated in the central area of the resort, about 500 m away from the beach, near the way from Jupiter to Saturn.
Hotel Mercur

Hotel Mercur * * *

Address: Str. Portului Nr. 23
  Galaţi, Galaţi county, Romania

Phone: +40 741 816150;+40 741 816151

Fax: +40 741 816153

Situated near the Danube riverside, on Str. Portului nr. 23, MERCUR HOTEL*** is renowned for is style, refinement and the quality of the facilities offered. Its rooms and apartments come with round-the-clock services for the most extravagant of tastes.


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