The Vasser Valley Mocanita

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Mocanita is a narrow gauge train in Romania whose use is increasingly limited - besides age and high costs of maintenance equipment,mocanita must face new opportunities and transport, with better reliability. However, beyond these difficulties, mocanita survive - largely due to the need to travel to locals, but mostly because it has become a tourist attraction.

The Vaser Valley mocanita

A trip with mocanita in Maramures is something spectacular. Built between 1930 - 1933, the narrow gauge railway line (760 mm) has a lenght of 56 km, between Viseu and spring Coman. On this route, the highest altitude railway is Comanu area (1,100 m), leaving the Viseu is at an altitude of 600 m locomotives, model "Resita", were produced in years "50 locomotive weight is 24, 8 tons of fuel and 20 tons empty. tourist coaches are coaches or wagons terrace class, but there are cars for materials and wood platforms.
The climb is difficult so this train makes frequent stops for food forest at the mouth of creeks, where water load. Minor halts on the route - Novat, Cozia, Bardau, Botizu, Faina - were once forest districts, but now the wooden huts are left in ruin. Halt Faina (located 34 km from Viseu) is the east, with some households and four holiday cottages, which lie across the River Vaser, the lap of the forest, can provide shelter for about 20 tourists.
Road to the end of this course (Spring Coman, two kilometers from the border with Ukraine) takes about eight hours. After hanging platforms with fir logs, mocanita returned after another six hours of descent, in Viseu.

How to get to Viseu de Sus

By train from Bucharest-Sighetu Marmatiei - lower in Viseu de Sus station.

By car: from Baia Mare and Satu Mare, on the route Archives - Viseu valley to the destination. From  Campulung Moldovenesc or are going through Prislop, Borsa is reached and from there to Viseu. Transylvania, following the road that joins famous railway Salva - Viseu, to Moises, and from there in ten minutes to get to Viseu.

Program:June 28 to September 16, 2012
Days of operation:Daily
Departure:At 09:00 the station CFF Viseu de Sus
The route:Viseu de Sus - Maple (km 21.6)
Price:Adults: 45 Euro / person; Students: 39 Ron / person; School: 32 RON / pers
Mocăniţa particular:Of course, the new package of this season is available in these days
Book:Organized groups of over 15 people. Reservation made no later than 20:00.
Other services:Catering (grilled in Maple Station), various drinks
Arrival:Approx. at 15:30 in Viseu de Sus

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