Bezid Lake



The accumulation lake is situated on the hills of the left versant of the river Tarnava Mica, at about 2 km of Sangeroiu de Padure and about 42 km of Targu-Mures city. It was settled by the building of a barrage in the valley of Cusmed river, at 1,5 km from its confluence with Tirnava Mica river. Cusmed river is the affluent with the biggest debit of the hydrographic pool of Tarnava Mica river, with a hydrographic pool of 157 square kilometers, 56 km of water flowings with permanent character, a medium slope between 11-62 000 and torrential, in some periods of the year. On the hidrografic pool of Bezid lake there are 4 towns: Cusmed, Atid and Criseni on Cusmediului Valley, Beizid on the valley of the river having the same name. The traditional occupations are agriculture, livestocks and wood exploring, not existing industrial unities with a signifcant impure impact on the accumulation lake.

On the date of settlement there weren’t known determinations on the histological fauna. Afterwards, between 1996-2007 there were made some populations with different kinds of fish, actions that were financed by Water Directions Mures, AJVPS- Murs and the Association of the sports fishermen from Mures county. Therefore the lakes were populated  with: carps, crucian, trout, flounder, roach, perch, pike.



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