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The Natural Park Balta Mica of Braila is situated in a meadow with natural system of inundation of Danube, between Vadu Oii and Braila. Balta Mica of Braila conserves important ecological component of the Inferior Danube system, situated close to the Reservation Biosphere Danube Delta. This Area has an ornithological importance because it is situated on the most important migration lane of the birds from the inferior basin of Inferior Danube, being situated on the halfway of the migration routes between the places from Northern Europe and the refugees from Africa. There were observed a big number of birds, among which, 160 species were protected on international plan.

In the area of Balta mica there were identified about 150 species of plants. Extremely attractive are the riparian galleries, with willow and poplar, mixed riparian forests and alluvial forests, the reed and the rush. The natural entropic lakes, being in different entropic phases constitute, among with forests, quagmires and canals, habitats where different kind of species of animals and plants have a temporal or permanent presence.

In Balta Mica of Braila it is allowed: ecotourism, agro tourism, scientific tourism, educational tourism. The administration of the natural park considers that the fastest increasing of the tourist will be the result of: fishing, birds sightseeing. Other forms of tourism offered by this area are: nautical tourism practiced individually and on a kayak, or in group, on the boat or motorboat; the equestrian tourism or by horse, cycle-tourism, pedestrian tourism.


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