Arbore Monastery



Year of construction: 1503

Built by: Luca Arbore

Location: Arbore, Suceava county.

Summary: It is not known since when the paintings exist. There was discovered an inscription inside the church, that specifies the fact that Dragos, son of the priest called Coman, from Iasi, painted the church in 1541. It is considered that this is the date for the exterior paintings, as well for the inside paintings.

In 1503 Luca arbore funded a beadle in the village that keeps his name, as part of his Court.

Arbore was one of the most important squires from Stefan cel Mare’s court, Bogdan the 3rd and Stefanita Voda. The political divergences separated Arbore from Stefanita Voda, he lost his doorkeeper of Suceava position , and in 1523 he was beheaded. The church is called “The beheading of St. Ioan the Baptist”.

Some researchers consider that the year of 1541 refers only to late modifications. The façade from the west has its own specific. At the beginning, the bells of the church were placed here, but now the space is used for bringing oblation to the death.

As an exception, all the facades are smooth. The church is following the smallest plan possible: there are only 3 rooms. It has a tall roof, divided by levels. Some researches think that the church had been painted right after its building and that the year 1541 refers only to the modifications that were made later.

From the architectural point of view, the church together with those from Dobrovat and Reuseni, is part of the group of churches that mark the end of the reign of Stefan cel Mare. It belongs to the so-called mixed type. The west façade is characteristic.


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