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The Alba Iulia Citadel is the most representative fortification of Vauban type from Romania, being built on the plans of the architect Giovanni Morando Visconti. The citadel was built between 1714-1738, but the works on the fortification started only in November 1715, through the building of the Carol Bastion. The citadel has 7 bastions: Trinity, Eugeen of Savoy, St. Serban, St. Mihail, St. Carol, St. Capistrano, St. Elisabeth,  from which the biggest is Trinity. The walls are massive, being nuilt with bricks and stones, having 3 meters on the base and 1.2 meters on the top. Built right after the habsburgic occupation, the citadel has all the fortification elements adapted to the the military technique of time. The entering to the citadel is made through 6 gates of a rare beauty, being decorated with statues and reliefs, inspired by the antique mythology.

Between 18th and 19th centuries the citadel became the military center of Transilvania and general weapons deposit. It was also a place where important events from our history: the epilogue of the Revolt of Horea and The Great Union of Transilvania with Romania.


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