The Salt Mine Cacica



Salina Caccica was opened in 1791 and is unique by the fact that its galleries are manually dug; it has 8200 galeries armed with wood.

After going down on a few wood stairs the visitor can admire an impressing salt sculpture, the Romano-Catholic Chapel St Varvar, situated 21 m deep, the Orthodox chapel and the dance hall also called “The Agripa Popescu hall”.

The Orthodox Chapel situated 35 m deep in this area, the gallery dug in salt is much wider and has on the walls sculpted  bas-reliefs, on religious thematic, some of them having similar models witth Wieliczka Salina, near Cracaw. On the right side of the chapel there is the Sf Danhil.

In the salina there is a salted lake, an artificial lake, being 35 m deep, on its walls can be found salt crystals. The lake is surrounded by banisters.

Agripa Popescu Hall is situated 37 m deep and has quite big dimensions: 24X12X12 m and on each side it has 3 balconies. Here there used to be organized, festive meetings, shows, being also the first place for leisure from the area.


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