The Natural Park Gradistea Muncelului-Cioclovina



The Natural Park Gradistea Muncelului Cioclovina is situated in Sureanu Mountains and lies on a surface of 38184 hectares, being a protected area of national interest. Since 2007 it has been protected as a proposal of becoming a sit for the ecological European system NATURA 2000. It has 6 of the most beautiful natural reservations of the Hunedoara county: The karst complex Ponoraci-Cioclovina, Tecuri Cave, Sura Mare Cave, The Crivadiei Keys, Ohaba- Ponor, The Bolii Hill and Cave. On the territory of the park there are also the archeological sits of Sarmisegetusa Regia, Costesti, Blidaru, Luncani-Piatra Rosie, as parts of the UNESCO patrimony and the authentic ethnographic settlements from the Luncanilor Platform.

Because of its position, the access can only be made in four directions: The Depression of Orastie, The Depression of Hateg, Jiului Valley, and from the top of Sureanu. The area of the park is wonderful because of the forests, valleys and caves. Because of their positions, the caves are accessible to the tourists, the most important being: Cioclovina Uscata, Cioclovina cu Apa, Sura-Mare, Sura-Mica, Bordu Mare, Tecuri, Bolii. The beauty of the landscape is completed by the Ponor meadow and Ponoriciului Meadow.

The Park of Gradistea presents a great diversity of tourist attractions, such as: Costesti Citadel, Fetele Albe Citadel, Sarmisegetusa Regia, Piatra Rosie Citadel, Banita Citadel, Crivadei keys and Crivadiei Tower.

The Costesti Citadel is situated on Gradiste Valley and was built on a hill (561 meters). The defending system was based on the succession of 3 types of fortifications: the ground, a 3 meters wall with 3 bastions and a double palisade surrounding the Southern side of it.



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