The Dendrologic Park Hemeiusi



The dendrologic park Hemeiusi is situated in Hemeiusi village, that is part of the hydrographic basin of Bistrita river. The Hemeiusi Park was created at the end of the 19th century (1880) on a surface of 50 hectares, on its territory being over 1300 species of trees, being from this point of view the most diversified forest area from Moldova. Because of the researchers collective that maintain their activity here, nowadays the park is well kept from the biologic point of view.

In the park there is the greatest collection of roses fro the country, over 600 species. The beauty of the park has to do with its landscape,  the form and the dimension of the park and also to the edifices built here, the most attractive being the Red Castle, built in 1864, that offers to the environment a medieval aspect of a rare beauty.


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