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The National Park Cozia is situated in the Central-Southern part of the Meridional Carpathians. The borders of the park are over the Eastern part of the Capatanii Mountains, over the Massive Cozia and the South-Eastern side of the Lotrului Mountains. The Park has a surface of 17100 hectares and it is situated entirely in the Valcea county. Although the park lies on 3 different mountains, it has a quite homogenized geological structure, there are cristaline formations in the North, and in the South there are sedimentary. The area is quite abrupt, accidental relief, which makes the aspect of the Oltului Valley to be a spectacular one.

The flora of the park is very rich, here there are about 930 species, some of them protected by law. Also the National Park is the shelter of many species of animals, the most interesting and protected are: the pseudo-scorpion Neobisium carpathicum, the viper, the wild cat, the marten, the black goat, etc.

This area has been lived from the oldest times, fact proved by the existence of the ruins of the roman castrum from Arutela. The area of the National Park is attractive to the tourists because of its position, close to some monasteries, the best known being Cozia Monastery, a real historic and architectonic monument , the existence of 2 balneal resorts: Calimanesti and Caciulata.

The tourists visiting these places can also enjoy the landscape offered by Cheile and Lotisorului Waterfall, mountain landscapes from the massive Cozia, Căpățânei, Doabra-Călinești, Defileul Oltului.

The park has many spectacular massives, with suggestive names: Bulzu Top (1506 meters), the Turtudanele Urzicii, The gardului valleys, Caprariile, Matariile, The Sphynx of Cozia, Pietrele Vulturilor, Pietrele Rosiei, Coltii Foarfecii, Traian’s Tower, Teofil’s Tower, The Stone Gates of Cozia.

The main tourist tracks from Cozia Mountains are: The Turnu Rosu train station- Cozia lodge, Jiblea village-Cozea lodge,  Pausa village- Lotru train-station, Cozia lodge- Pricore Village.


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