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The National Park Ceahlau is situated in Ceahlau Mountains, the most imposing mountain from the Oriental Carpathians. The National Park lies on a surface of 7742,5 hectares. It is the newest reservation, having been founded in 2004. Among the objectives of the park it is the intention of developing the tourist activity as part of the conservational objective of the patrimony and with territorial projects of economical development, promoting the traditional activity, informing the public and the local communities about the economical, cultural and spiritual advantages.

The National Park Ceahlau shelters mountain ecosystems of a great value, having continuity in all the areas, including flora and fauna species of a great variety. In the National Park Ceahlau there were identified 1097 species and 206 species of plants, about 65% from the flora of the Neamt County and 36% from the existing species of plants from Romania.

As tourist attraction, there can be mentioned: Toaca, Panaghia, Detunatele, Clăile lui Miron, Furculița, Piatra cu Apă, The Zada Reservation, The Field Monastery, The Scientific Reservation Ocolasul Mare, The Natural Botanical Reservation Polita cu Crini, monuments of the nature: The Daruitoare Waterfall, being over 30 m high and The Grand Aven.

The tourist tracks are marked, have different difficulty degrees and is recommended a well documentation before road tripping.


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