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The National Park Bucegi is situated in the Eastern part of the Meridional Carpati and here it is situated the Bucegi massive. The main node is Omu Top that has 2505 meters, corresponding to an area that has in its mass cristaline rock blocks and limestones. From that top there are 2 relief lines: the Eastersn tops delimitate the Prahovean Valley (Costila, Caraiman, Jepii Mici, Jepii Mari, Piatra Arsa, Furnica, varful de Dor and Vanturis) and the ones from the West- The Branean Valley (Doamnele, Tataru, Lucaila).

The erosion differenced by the Bucegi Massive is evidenced by the valleys and by the karst relief. On the length of Ialomita there are the keys: Pestera Ursilor, Tatarul Mic, Tatarul Mare, Zanoaga Mica, Zanoaga Mare, Orzei, Dobresti.

Specific to the karst are also the valleys with big eroded slopes and sub terrain drainage.

The Bucegi Massive is an important place in the Carpathians because of its rich flora, that has been attracting for a long time researchers and lovers of the nature. Characteristic to this area is the presence of the isolated stones, such as: Babele, Sfinx, etc. These are the results of the Aeolian processes.

The beauty of the landscape constitutes a basic component of the tourism activity and it has a continuous evolution. In Bucegi Mountains there are the oldest lodges from high altitude Carpathians, a rich cable transporting system , modern roads, tourist tracks and alpinism tracks. The most visited tourist attractions are: Ialomita Valley, Sinaia-Furnica area, Cerbului Valley, Bucegi Mountains, Palanca, Zanoaga Bran domain.


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