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The importance of the National Park has to do with the geology and the geo-morphology of the mountains, as well as with numerous species of flora and fauna, endemic and glacier relicts. In 1990 it was declared National Park because of the intention of the Minister of Waters, Forests and the Enviromental Protection to found 13 National Parks among which we also remember The National Park Rodna, which is the widest protected area from Norther Occidental Carpati, having a surface of 46.339 hectares.

Here you can find many species of plants (Tisa, Zafa, Zambru, Edelweiss, etc) and law-protected animals (the black goat, the marmot, the Carpathian Bear, etc.)

The National Park has varied landscapes, 5 morphological complexes of great interest: Ineu, Omu-Gărgălău, Galat-Puzdrele, Pietrosul Rodnei, Bătrâna. The relief is remarked by numerous lakes, valleys,

Because of the fantastic landscape in the National Park Rodna Mountains there are many kinds of tourism practiced: recreational tourism, those who are interested can go on road trips, enjoying the surroundings; curative tourism (balneoclimateric)- offered to the tourists for treating affections by the cures from the resort Sangeorz-Bai and also internal cures with mineral waters from the localities: Rodna, Romuli, Parva, Cormaia; cultural tourism: visiting the churches and the wooden monasteries, monuments and museums, the commemorative houses (Liviu Rebreanu and George Cosbuc); equestrian tourism- by equitation in some areas of great tourist interest, such as: Poiana Narciselor, Lala Lake, Ineu and Rosu Top, there are authorized guides for the tourist groups, it is also practiced the rural tourism, agro tourism and ecotourism: spending the holiday in nature, along with friendly hosts and traditional food, in a rustic place, perfect for recreation and resting.

The main purpose of the park is conserving the biodiversity, the increasing of the tourist activities.


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