The resort is situated on cote 1440 m, in Candrei Mountains, Sibiu county. It is the resort situated on the highest altitude from our country. It has a specific mountain climate with medium temperatures of 4 degrees, having snow more than 125 days/year.

The main therapeutic factors of the resort are the alpine climate, no dust and pollution, and also the ionization of the atmosphere, very good for physical and intellectual sourménage, of the pulmonary problems and anemia.

From the resort there are tracks to Canderului Mountains, Sadului Valley, Cibinului keys. The resort benefits of abundant snow so that it offers the possibility of skiing on one of the 7 trails of the resort to those who are passionate of winter sports. The ski conditions are excellent starting from December until april.

The reort was established by the Ardelean Carpathic Society of the tourists in 1984, being the oldest mountain resort from Romania.

There are few villas in the resort, of a rare beauty, declared historical monuments:

-         The House of Tourists, built in 1894

-         The House of Doctors (1895)

-         The Monaco Hall (1898)

Another tourist attraction is the Schit, a wooden Church built in the 3rd decade of the 20th century. The cult place was founded by Nicolae Balan. Also the Memorial House Constantin Noica is a tourist attraction worth seeing.

So, the resort offers you different possibilities to spend your free time in a very pleasant way.


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