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Baltenii de Sus town is situated in Tulcea county, on the right side of the branch of Sf. Gheorghe river. The main tourist attractions of the area are:

- The ruins of Saslovia Citadel, which is an arheological reservation. The Citadel dating from the Roman-Byzantine, being a civil and military settlement, destroyed in the 4th century by the Goths and rebuilt by the Byzantines,. The citadel continued to exist until the 9th century.

- The vestiges of the Getic citadel “Piatra lui Sava”, the reservation Bestepe Hills, described as having limestone soil and silicate soil and the existence of a significant number of species in danger of extinction.

- Dranov Lake, having a surface of 2179 ha.

- The three Saraturi lakes, salted-water lakes  where there are black mud deposits used for therapies. The third Saratura lake is considered natural reservation.

- The Uzlina refuge, declared natural zoological reservation

- The ruins of the Roman fortification, declared archeological reservation. In this Roman fortification there were found coins from the time of Constantine the Great.

- The tourists are offered: excursions on water, sightseeing, road-tripping in the subtropical-looking-like forests, trips with the boats, evenings spent on a campfire, fishing, haunting, season sports


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