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Colt citadel is situated on the territory of Suseni Village, situated in Hunedoara county on the county road DJ 686, on the entrance on tge Rausorului Valley, 3 km away from Rau de Mori village. The citadel was founded by Candea, at the beginning of the 14th century. Because of its aspect it was supposed to be the inspirational source of the book “ The castle from Carpathians” by Jules Verne.

The citadel had a defending role and was considered the strongest citadel from Transylvania by that time. It is situated on the corner of a cliff from where the name probably comes, and on the foothill of the cliff there is a fortified church, on which’s walls there are still parts of the original painting. The initial building level of the citadel was constituted by a tower with a square bases, being supposed to have had at least 4 levels.


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