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Ciceu citadel is situated on the common area of the towns Ciceu-Corabia, Ciceu-Giugesti and Dumbraveni, being a medieval citadel built at the end of the 13th century, on a volcanic hill of 683 altitude, from where the name Ciceu came, from the Hungarian word csúcs (top). In 1544 the Tranislvania Diet decided that the citadel should be demolished, so that the area became a career of windmill stones. The domain of the citadel is formed by 63 states, being a citadel that has the role of defending against the tartars.

The citadel was built on the insistence of the Hungarian King Béla the 4th and of his descends. Matei Corvin gives this citadel in 1489 as a gift to Stefan the Great, and right after his death it became property of Bogdan, Stefanita Voda and in 1530 to Petru Rares. In 1538  Petru Rares is betrayed by the nobles and has to find a refugee along with his family in Ciceu, but as a result of the diplomatic efforts he manages to get his throne of Moldova back and in 1541 he leaves the citadel.

Because of the reorientation of the politic from Moldova the citadel becomes a risk for Ardeal and from his order Gheorghe Martinuzzi is demolished.


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