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The Calnic Citadel is situated in the town having the same name, from Alba county, close to Sebes town, at approximately 3 km distance from E 60 to the left. The citadel was built in the middle of the 13th century by commit Chyl de Kelling, having a massive rectangular donjon, surrounded by massive walls, with a tower to the South and a tower of the gate in the Northern Side. The citadel is also surrounded by ditches, that were created for the defending system.

Being one of the most important fortifications built by the sacs from Transilvania it is on the list of the World UNESCO Patrimony. It was first a residence of the sacs nobles, but in 1430 it was sold by the noble family to the comuniy of peasants from Calnic, which in the 16th century started building the defended system: the walls and the the tower of the gate fortification. Also by this time on the ruins of an old building they built a chapel, on the interior there are fragments of fresca dating from the beginning of the 16th century.

In the citadel there were organized many documentary and art exhibitions, and in the chapel there are symposiums, colloquies and conferences.


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