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Capidava lies on the right shore of Danube, between the Harsova and Cernavoda towns. The citadel has the form of a quadrangle with long sides from North-West to South-East, having thick walls, over 2 m and 5-6 meters high. The citadel had 7 towers over 10 m, from which 3 towers were rectangular, 2 towers having the shape of a quarter of a circle and another 2 intermediar towers. The gate of the citadel is situated on the Southern-East side and made the connection with the rest of the territory, there was also a strategical exit on the South-Western side of the tower to Danube, where the port lied.

The citadel was built during the reign of the emperor Traian, at the beginning of the second century, having am important role in the Roman Defending System. Because of its position the citadel offered the possibility of watching a vast area and the same time a location that was easy to defend. The strategical importance of the place determined the installation of a military station and also the increasing of a civil centre in the Roman Age. The camp, situated close to a passing area, was built by the detachments of The 5th Macedonian Legion and the 9th Claudia Legion.

The name of the citadel is a Getic  word and means “the citadel from the corner” , which confirms a settlement established before the romans. By the reorganization of the borders of the Byzantine Empire, Capidava is back in the centre of attention of the administration, so that, over the ruins of the fortified Roman settlement rises a citadel of peasants from the border that lasts until the 11th century.


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