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The Building of Bistrita citadel started after 1646, moment when Matei Corvin agrred to build fortifications around, although there was before a refugee fortification (13th century) that because of its deterioration was replaced by a more ample fortification.

A first fortified nucleum probably existed close to the parochial church, and in the old historiography there is the interpretation of a fortification that was offering protection in case of siege. In 1465 the citadel had 18 towers and bastions defended by the handicraftsman of the town. In this period Bistrita was one of the most important towns of Transilvania, along with Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu.

There were 3 entering gates into the town: The Woods Gate, The Hospital Gate and The Hungarian Gate, that were demolished in the 19th century. Around the Cultural Munciciple Center there are still fragments from the building, where in the medieval times there was a second acces, called in documents The Frog Document. The most important gate was the Woods Gate that measured together with the roof 28 meters and the access gang of the gate had 1,6 m width.

From the 18 towers of the citadel we will mention the following: The Tailors Tower, The Blacksmith Tower, The Selar Tower, The Butchers Tower, The Goldsmith Tower, The Carpenter Tower, The Funar Tower, The Reinforcement Tower, The Hospital Gate, The Hungarian Gate, The Dodger Tower, The Wheelwright Tower,  The Mason Tower, The Curelar Tower.

All that remained from the citadel are a few pieces of wall, that can be found on the Dodger’s Street and in the Union Piazza, the Dodger Tower, one of the 18 of the citadel and the Evanghelic Church, that has a tower which is 75 meters high.


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