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The citadel situated on the left shore of Mures was built using Ferdinand Phillip Harsch’s, on the demand of Queen Maria Therese. It was built having the shape of a star, with 3 rows of underground fortresses and ditches. The construction started in 1763 and lasted 20 years, the main gate and the buidings from the inside were built in Baroque style. On the inside of the citadel there was a catholic church and many buildings for the Franciscan monks.

The citadel has 3 main buildings that had as a destination the Comandament Corp, with one level and a courtyard, the Guards Corp and the monastery that includes the Baroque church.

In Summer of 1849 the Revolution Hungarian Army occupied the citadel after a hard war, but after 46 days, the Russian and Austrian  armies defended them. Until the end of the First World War, the citadel was one of the greatest military prison of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, here there were imprisoned Horea, Closca and Crisan, the revolutionist Eftimie Murgu, the 16 generals, leaders of the Revolution from 1848 frim Hungary, the assassin of the archduke Franz Ferdinand.


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