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Bologa citadel was remembered for the first time in official papers in 1304 as Sebuswar, and then nominated with different names like Sepuswar in 1324, Sebeswar in 1329, Castrum regis Hunyad in 1397, Sebes Varallya in 1760. In 1399, as a result of the alliance treaty between the Hungarian King Sigismund of Luxemburg and Mircea cel Batran, to begin the campaign against Turkeys, as a reward, the citadel became property of Mircea cel Batran.

The Bologa Citadel was built as a monitoring point of the road that was going from Oradea to Ardeal, it also offered a refugee place for the ones who lived in the area. It becomes of a great importance in the 17th century, when Oradea is occupied by the Turkeys, because it made the life of the thieves and the ones that were corrupt a living hell. Although the sultan ordered the demolation of the citadel, the order was not executed, but in the end it was destroyed by the ones from Austria, so that all that remained from the citadel was a defense wall and a tower.


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