The second town of the Sea Coast, Mangalia, is a town that is as old as Tomis and it used to be an antique colony that was founded by greeks and was called Callatis (from the river Calles in Asia). The nowadays name, Mangalia, comes from Pangalia, that in bizantine greek means “the most beautiful”.

Description: town and seaport, with a population of over 40 000 inhabitants, edified in the area of the maritime sea coast that is Part of  Dobrogea Highland on South and the river Mangalia Altitudional on North.

The Beach: The beach has smooth sand and lies between Saturn beach and the northern seawall of the Mangalia Sea-Port has a circular form. Its width is greater then in the centre, where it has about 120 meters. The cliff is high enough and it is a good place for walking.

Activities, Sightseeing: For the free time, the Mangalia stud offers carriage rides on the coast and riding lessons. Also, there are many other possibilities of relaxing and having fun: discos, cinemas, libraries, sports areasm trips with the ship or to the other resorts. In the South extremity of the Black Sea Coast, turists from the whole world show a great interest for Mangalia, combining in great harmony the traditional elements with the modern ones.

Main objectives: The Stud, The Ruins of Callatis Citadel, The Archeology Museum, Papirus’ grave, The Limanu  Cave, The Forest Hagieni Reservation, Esma han Sultan Mosque, situated 3 km away from Mangalia. About 500m from there is the Mangalia Stud (that has a hippodrome  and offers carrying rides along the Sea Coast.)

The hippodrome is opened starting from Monday to Saturday, between 13:00- 18:00 and on Saturday between 12:00 and 17:00 there are organized racing galoop.

Prices: 2 euros/hour, walking with the ponny- 6 euros, 10 euros/hour for the riding lessons. The stud from Mangalia has 314 horses.

Spa: The natural cure factors are the sea water, the mineral mezothermal sulphurous waters (21-28 degrees) that come from the springs in the North of the town, the area between Saturn and Venus, the sulphurous peat mud, that is reach in minerals. All of these have a very good effect for the organism.

The resort is recommended for spending the holidays and for the treatment of  degenerative diseases , inflammatory and rheumatics, nervous system diseases, gynecological problems, dermatological, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrinological, etc.

The Resort has 2 modern basis of treatment: Mangalia Hotel- featuring its own treatment plants ( 4 pools for kinetotherapy with sulphuric water, a section for electrotherapy, 2 sections for hydrotherapy, a section for hydrotherapy, one for pneumatic therapy, medical gymnastics, massage saloons, pools with hot sea water, etc) and a Watering Sanatarium for recovering.


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