The Costinesti Resort is situated next to Costinesti, 31 Km South of Constanta, borders to North with Tuzla village and South with Olimp Resort (5 Km) .

Known by everyone as the youth resort or the capital of the Summer Holiday, the visitors cand find in it a warm and happy atmosphere. The Symbols of Costinesti are the Obelisc- that raises with its majesty on the beach, the Wreck of the ship called Evanghelia, that sank in 1960 because of a storm.

In the last years, Costinesti has been developed, regarding the accommodation- there have been built some new hotels and many villas and pensions. The resort is located to the East so the sun shines on its side all day long.

The Beach: The Beach is oriented to East, so that the sun is shinning the whole day. The resort is situated on the shelter of Tuzla. The Beach is wider on the area with the Obelisc, but very crowded in Summer. In the North Arrea, to the Ship, the beach is bordered by a down and narrow cliff , with smooth sand.

The beach is Costinesti is ideal for thalassotherapy, aerosols, heliotherapy, sports trainings and yoga.

Activities, Sighseeing: Defining for Costinesti is the fun, the happiness and the youth. The main attractions for the tourists visiting Costinesti are the clubs and bars. The best known is Ring Club- the biggest open air disco on the beach. Other clubs are: Vox Maris, Sun, Club T, Panoramic Club, etc.

The fun is guaranteed by the Summer Theatre, where you can watch movies, shows, festivals.

On the beach different events are organized, for example contests and concerts. Every Summer, the televisions organize here open air “studios”, transmitting from there Summer shows. In Costinesti you can also find many sports fields and points where you can find to rent equipment for water sports. The area  where is the ship is very popular among those who practice diving. For those who want to try water sports, there is also the Costinesti lake, that is lying on 7 hectares, where you can go with the boat or the hydrobycicle. This lake is a special one, being the only one that doesn’t aliment from the underground.


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