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Founded in 1985, Poiana Brasov was at the beginning a tourist area for the city Brasov. The first construction started being built in 1904. In 1906 Poiana Brasov began tourist ski resort  and only 3 years later there was the first Ski Competition in Romania. In 1951 Poiana Brasov was the host of The International Winter Student Games.

It is surrounded by 4 mountains:

-         Postavarul (maxim altitude 1.799m)

-         Piatra Craiului (maxim altitude 2.238m)

-         Bucegi (maxim altitude 2.505m)

-         Piatra Mare (maxim altitude 1.848m)

Trails from Poiana Brasov:

Name of the trail     Difficulty lever              Length                  Altitude difference

Lupului                    Hard                               2860 m                      775 m

Sulinar                     Medium                         2441 m                      645 m

Kanzel                     Hard                                 350 m                      134 m

Ruia                         Hard                                 540 m                      198 m

Subteleferic            Hard                               1000 m                      280 m

Drumul Roşu         Easy                               3821 m                      630 m

Bradul                      Easy                                458 m                        77 m

Stadion                    Easy                                300 m                        32 m


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