Bucin is situated between Praid and Gheorgheni. The trail was opened in 2003 and has a lift that works 7 days from 7.

The conditions are favorable for those who want to ski, because from the beginning of November until the end of april the mountains are covered by snow. There is also a rental point from where you can rent skis and sledges.

The Havas trail:

-         Length: 1.149 m, situated in the West, with an inclination of 14 degrees

-         The lowest point of the trail si on the 1200 cote.

-         The highest point is situated on 1360 m.

-         The trail has a Nascivera CK80, with a capacity of 720 persons/hour.

-         It was inaugurated in January 2007.

-         It has a medium difficulty level, si it is recommended for beginners as well as for advanced



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