Pensiunea Trident


Pensiunea Trident ****

Address: Str. Pescãrusului Nr. 8
  Costineşti, Constanţa county, Romania

Phone: +40 241 734122

Mobile: +40 722 576041;+40 747 680587

Fax: +40 21 2320196;+40 241 734011




Located in the north of Costinesti resort, situated on the Black Sea coast on the cliff sun in Costinesti, in a picturesque area with an unusual architectural framework, tourist guesthouse "Trident ****" Pension Trident is the perfect place for those who let the magic of spell of the voice waves and seagulls on the coast, all in one setting and the comfort that you definitely do not forget because a professional team ready to answer your needs for the entire duration of your vacation.

The tourist Pension Trident has 10 accomodation areas, structured in double rooms and apartments.

The rooms have their own bathrooms, hair dryer, matrimonial beds, TV and TV cable, minibar, safe, air conditioning, phone.

double matrimonial room: 210 RON/day; 210 RON/day in weekends
2 rooms apartment: 300 RON/zi; 310 RON/zi in weekend;

Double matrimonial room: 200 RON/day;210 RON/day in weekends
2 rooms apartment: 290 RON/day; 300 RON/day in weekend;

Double matrimonial room: 180 RON/day; 200 RON/day in weekend
2 rooms apartment: 270 RON/day; 270 RON/day in weekends;

Double matrimonial room: 150 RON/day; 170 RON/day in weekend
2 rooms apartment: 220 RON/day; 240 RON/day in weekends;

Double matrimonial room: 90 RON/day; 110 RON/zi in weekends;
2 rooms apartment: 170 RON/day; 190 RON/day in weekends;

Double matrimonial room: 80 RON/day; 100 RON/day in weekend
2 rooms apartment: 150 RON/day;

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