Hotel Samaa


Hotel Samaa ***

Address: B-dul. Ion Mihalache Nr. 319C Sector 1
  Bucureşti, Bucureşti county, Romania

Phone: +40 21 2240282;+40 21 2240283

Fax: +40 21 2240284


GPS: 44.46313 - 26.072338



The Samaa hotel is situated close to the center of Bucharest, in an area that offers quick access to important location of the capital: 20 minutes from the Airport Henri Coanda, 10 minutes away from the Baneasa Airport and 5 minutes away from Romexpo.

The hotel has: 14 standard room, 7 luxury rooms, 4 rooms that comunicate+ 1 apartment
- Restaurant with 50 seats
- Conference room with 15 seats
- Clima
- TV and TV cable
- Minibar
- Rooms phonic isolated
- Hydraulic elevator
- Internet access from the room (free)

Single: 52 Euro; 47 Euro in weekends
Double: 57 Euro; 52 Euro in weekends
Single Luxury: 57 Euro; 52 Euro in weekends
Double Luxury: 62 Euro; 57 Euro in weekends
Apartment: 67 Eur; 62 Eur Euro in weekends


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