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Pensiunea Oky Si Erica

Pensiunea Oky Si Erica * *

Address: Sat Poiana Sarata, Nr. 220
  Oituz, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 337873

Fax: +40 234 310159

Oki and Erika Pension is a vacation house that offers moments of relaxation for all ages creating unforgettable moments for those who have had the opportunity to visit us. The house with a pronounced rustic style,specific to the area has two bedrooms with double beds, one suite, a lounge, a dining room, modern bathroom and kitchen.
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Pensiunea Poiana Verde * * *

Address: Str. N. Balcescu, Nr. 89
  Slănic Moldova, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 348444

Mobile: +40 740 240705

Fax: +40 234 348444

Gather a group of friends and come to the Pension Poiana Verde for an unforgettable stay. We offer acommodation in special conditions or the possibility to rent the whole hostel, with access to fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances.
Vila Teleconstructia

Vila Teleconstructia * * *

Address: Str. Vasile Alecsandri Nr. 8
  Slănic Moldova, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 348301

Fax: +40 234 348304

The Teleconstructia Villa * * * is located in the Slanic Moldova resort, 84 km away from the city of Bacau. This is a pleasant destination for spending free time or your weekends or for organizing parties, business meetings, conferences etc.
Hotel Sport

Hotel Sport * *

Address: Str. Republicii Nr. 43
  Onești, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 321111

Onesti Sport Hotel offers accommodation in rooms with 1, 2 and 3 beds modern equipped rooms and good taste.
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Pensiunea Iringo * *

Address: Ghimeş-Făget, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 385621

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Pensiunea Soimul 2 * * *

Address: Str. Moldovei, Nr. 124
  Comăneşti, Bacău county, Romania

Mobile: +40 744 556671

Hotel Trotus

Hotel Trotus * * *

Address: Str. Emil Rebreanu, Nr. 1
  Onești, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 316702

Fax: +40 234 316311

The Trotuş Onesti Hotel is the main unit of SC Trotusul SA, located at the upper end of the main boulevard of Onesti city, (Republicii Boulevard). It is an imposing modern building, beeing the highest landmark from Onesti city, Bacau county.
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Pensiunea La Izvorul Lui Stefan Cel Mare * *

Address: Orbeni, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 251299

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Hotel Coroana-Moldovei * * * *

Address: Str. Porumbeilor, Nr 1
  Slănic Moldova, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 348888

Mobile: +40 726 276001

Fax: +40 234 348888

In the centre of Slanic Moldova close to the mineral springs, the Coroana Moldovei, a luxuriously and individually decorated small boutique hotel, offers superb accommodation in this well-known spa resort.
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Pensiunea Andrei * *

Address: Str. N. Balcescu Nr. 18C
  Slănic Moldova, Bacău county, Romania

Phone: +40 234 348586



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