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Hotel Marian

Hotel Marian *

Address: Str. N. Balcescu Nr.143
  Pitești, 110298, Argeş county, Romania

Phone: +40 248 285283

Fax: +40 248 284899

Situated in the North Side of Pitesti, on the road that crosses the highway from Bucuresti to Ramnicu Valcea, Marian Hotel is there for you.
Pensiunea Diana Isabela

Pensiunea Diana Isabela * *

Address: Brăduleţ, Argeş county, Romania

Phone: +40 248 721637

Mobile: +40 722 226647;+40 744 669852

The Diana Isabela Pension offers you 10 rooms with personal bathrooms, 4 rooms with shared bathroom.
Pensiunea Mirela

Pensiunea Mirela * *

Address: Str. Brasovului Nr. 120
  Rucăr, Argeş county, Romania

Phone: +40 248 542265

Mobile: +40 741 054265

Pensiunea Paradis

Pensiunea Paradis * *

Address: Nr. 423
  Valea Danului, Argeş county, Romania

Mobile: +40 744 409928

For tourists and travelers visiting Arges or just passing through town, Paradise Hostel offers decent accommodation in rooms with double beds, private bathroom with hot water, cable TV, free parking. The Pension is situated in a hilly area and is surrounded by verdure, orchards and many flowers.
Pensiunea Pastravaria Bratioara

Pensiunea Pastravaria Bratioara * *

Address: Candesti Nr. 219
  Albeşti, Argeş county, Romania

Phone: +40 248 555427

Restored in an original rustic style with 12 rooms for two or three people with individual bathrooms and central heating.
Pensiunea Valea Frasinului

Pensiunea Valea Frasinului * *

Address: Dragoslavele Nr. 671
  Dragoslavele, Argeş county, Romania

Phone: +40 248 544412

Mobile: +40 724 228318;+40 722 728972

Pensiunea Ada

Pensiunea Ada * *

Address: Dragoslavele, Argeş county, Romania

Phone: +40 248 544404

Mobile: +40 742 301000;+40 742 641181

Picture unavailable

Pensiunea Roata Norocului * *

Address: Str. Brasovului, Nr. 122
  Rucăr, Argeş county, Romania

Phone: +40 248 542394

Mobile: +40 745 134648

Traducere din Română în Engleză Pensiunea''ROATA LUCK''is located in a great tourist area, in an area where silence is pervasive. Here you can spend days of rest and recreation in an unforgettable penrtu a perfect recovery and fun holiday.
Picture unavailable

Pensiunea Serbanoiu * *

Address: Satul Capatineni, DN 7C
  Căpăţâneni, Argeş county, Romania

Mobile: +40 723 000929

Located only 20 km away from the town of Curtea de Arges and 7 km away from The Vidraru dam, in a plentiful glade, the Serbanoiu Pension can provide you parking space, a soccer field, swing, a terrace, flats - each equipped with modern bathrooms, equipped kitchen, patio and barbecue.
Picture unavailable

Hostel Venus * *

Address: Str. Valea Iasului Nr.73D
  Curtea de Argeş, Argeş county, Romania

Phone: +40 248 723292

Mobile: +40 723 256700

Venus Hostel: 16 double rooms, breakfast included for two persons, bathroom, central heating, cable TV, terrace


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