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Hotel Sungarden

Hotel Sungarden * * *

Address: Str. Clujului Nr. 71
  Turda, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 316191

Fax: +40 264 316192

The Sungarden Resort smiles to the modern world on the Northern side of Turda, by its glass façade and the green areas surrounding it.
Sun Garden Resort

Sun Garden Resort * * * * *

Address: Baciu, 407055, Cluj county, Romania

Mobile: +40 741 819871; 0735 888000.

Fax: +40 741 819870

The reception offers a sense of spatiality, comfort and elegance, receiving the clients with joy and making them feel as guests of honor. Elegant sofas, with an exeptional design, in warm and welcoming colours, walls that alternate various shades of brown, naturally and daringly combined with shades of purple and gold, make up a harmonious whole and urge you to come back. Extra space and comfort, in a refined setting, luxury furniture, decorated with distinction, an original combination of colours, shapes and materials.
Pensiunea Mellis

Pensiunea Mellis * *

Address: Str. Moldovei Nr. 5
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 595247;+40 264 596777

Mobile: +40 744 645800;+40 727 456389

Fax: +40 264 595247

The Mellis Pension offers accommodation in the city of Cluj-Napoca, close to downtown, near major shopping centers like: Kauffland, Metro, Praktiker, Cora, Polus Center, Arabesque, The Sports’ Hall and its surroundings, Ion Moinea Stadium, Iuliu Hateganu Park, Central Park and Hotel Sport.
Pensiunea Casa Gia

Pensiunea Casa Gia

Address: Str. Ciobanului nr. 4
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: 0040 364 730247

Mobile: 004 0723 543501 004 0744 657541

Casa Gia Pension is a construction recently completed, based on a set of simple rules: luxury, relaxation, office atmosphere, all those being adapted depending on each client. And, not in the last place, you will find here the hosts` warmth, an attribute which will make the spending of your time in this place an unique experience.
Hotel Meteor

Hotel Meteor * * *

Address: Str. Eroilor Nr. 29
  Cluj-Napoca, 400129, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 591060;+40 264 591061

Mobile: +40 728 287717

Fax: +40 264 591060

Situated in the historical center of Cluj-Napoca, the Meteor Hotel is innaugurated in January 2001. The hotel has 3 stars and it offers: central heating, thermal isolated rooms, rooms with TV, International phone, Fridge with minibar, Air conditioning.
Pensiunea Colibri

Pensiunea Colibri * *

Address: Str. Intre Lacuri nr. 57
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 418641

Mobile: +40 722 322646

Fax: +40 264 418641

Situated near the Gheorgheni lake, The Colibri Pension is situated in one of the most quiet area of Cluj Napoca.
Pensiunea Dialand

Pensiunea Dialand * * * *

Address: Str. Sat Suceagu, Nr. 358 A
  Suceagu, Cluj county, Romania

Mobile: +40 741 100361;+40 747 123061

If you are looking for accomodation in a quiet place, away from the noise, the stress and the aglomeration from the city, the Dia Land pension is the best solution for you.
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Pensiunea Bortos * *

Address: Rachitele , nr 166 A
  Mărgău, Cluj county, Romania

Mobile: +40 742 800745;+40 744 686047

The Bortos Pension is situated on the distance of 4 km away on the European Route 60, between Cluj and Huedin, in the mountain area of the Vladeasa Mountains, in the Stanciului Valley.
Hotel Confort

Hotel Confort * * *

Address: Calea Turzii Nr.48
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 598410

Fax: +40 264 592020

Hotel Confort enjoys a prime location just 500 meters from the center of Cluj-Napoca, close to all major public, financial and cultural institutions.
Picture unavailable

Pensiunea Casa Rofo * * *

Address: Str. Principala, nr. 332, Drumul European E576, Loc. Nima
  Mintiu Gherlii, Cluj county, Romania

Mobile: +4 0744 599 362 +4 0745 645 392 +4 0766 304 505 +4 0766 312 492

Welcome! Casa Rofo is located on E576 European Road, in Nima village, Cluj county.


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