Baia is an old settlement, being inhabited from the 4th century, b.Ch, here it has developed a great neolitical cult, the Hamangia cult. The Hamangia cult is related to the people that came from Anatolia and is the oldest neolitical culture from Dobrogea.

Baia being a place where it is very easy to get, the area is of a great interest for the tourists that came to admire the beautiful places Delta has to offer.

Among the beautiful landscape, you can have a relaxing summer-holiday in a quiet place. You have the possibility to relax in a special way, because you have many ways to spend your free time: swimming in the big lakes in the area, that are real diversion places, sightseeing in Delta and on the Black Sea Coast, fishing, haunting, catching a tan or practicing sports like: volleyball, baschetball, football.

Come to admire the beauty of this place, to enjoy what the diversion places offer and the hospitality of those who live here.


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