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Pensiunea Mellis

Pensiunea Mellis * *

Address: Str. Moldovei Nr. 5
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 595247;+40 264 596777

Mobile: +40 744 645800;+40 727 456389

Fax: +40 264 595247

The Mellis Pension offers accommodation in the city of Cluj-Napoca, close to downtown, near major shopping centers like: Kauffland, Metro, Praktiker, Cora, Polus Center, Arabesque, The Sports’ Hall and its surroundings, Ion Moinea Stadium, Iuliu Hateganu Park, Central Park and Hotel Sport.
Pensiunea Casa Gia

Pensiunea Casa Gia

Address: Str. Ciobanului nr. 4
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: 0040 364 730247

Mobile: 004 0723 543501 004 0744 657541

Casa Gia Pension is a construction recently completed, based on a set of simple rules: luxury, relaxation, office atmosphere, all those being adapted depending on each client. And, not in the last place, you will find here the hosts` warmth, an attribute which will make the spending of your time in this place an unique experience.
Pensiunea Mora

Pensiunea Mora * * *

Address: Str. Prof.Dr.Ghe.Marinescu, Nr. 94
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 431942

Mobile: +40 728 962445

Fax: +40 264 431942

The Mora Pension from Cluj , a new and modern place, could be found in the center of Cluj-Napoca, near by the Botanical Garden and the most important hospitals from the city (Oncology, Neurology, Recovering, Endocrinology,Gynecology), and near by the Cultural Club of the Students.
Vila Casa Confort

Vila Casa Confort * * *

Address: Calea Turzii, nr. 48
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 598410

Fax: +40 264 592020

Hotel Confort is situated only at 500 metres from the center of the town, few minutes from the most important public, cultural and financial insitutions.
Pensiunea Rimini Crama Haiducilor

Pensiunea Rimini Crama Haiducilor * * * *

Address: Str. Cometei, nr. 12-14
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 438385;+40 264 438390

Mobile: +40 742 031144

Fax: +40 264 438385

The Rimini Hotel from Cluj Napoca is one of the most apreciated hotels from Transylvania because of the irreprochable services from the last years and the offers that we offer to our clients.
Vila Escala

Vila Escala * * * *

Address: Str. Crisan Nr. 33
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 444002; +40 264 444092

Mobile: +40 740 018579;+40 722 327366

Fax: +40 264 444062

All the rooms have their own bathroom (shower cabin, bath, hair dryer, bathroom gowns, cosmetics), fridge with minibar (daily refilling), wireless internet, international phone, colour TV, TV cable.
Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere * * *

Address: Str. Calarasi, Nr. 1-3
  Cluj-Napoca, 400167 , Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 432071

Fax: +40 264 432076

The hotel's location is excellent, the city is unforgettable panorama from the balcony of a room at this hotel. Warm, unpretentious, warm and calm people. The pool is very welcome at any time and there clean invites you to spend as much time relaxing you.
Pensiunea Elias

Pensiunea Elias * * *

Address: Str. Marasesti Nr. 21
  Cluj-Napoca, 400055, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 433974

Mobile: +40 746 162482

Fax: +40 264 433974

Elias Pension offers accommodation in Cluj, from just 100 RON / night and in weekend discount. Our clients benefit from a wide range of free services. We guarantee a pleasant stay!
Hotel Sport

Hotel Sport * *

Address: Aleea Stadionului nr. 1
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 593921

Hotel Sport from Cluj Napoca is the perfect destination for a business travel or a welcoming place for accommodation if you need a short break to rest.
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Pensiunea Vidalis * * *

Address: Str. Republicii, nr. 25, ap 2
  Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania

Phone: +40 264 450663

Mobile: +40 729 362469

Fax: +40 264 450663

Pensiunea Vidalis is located in the historical center of Cluj-Napoca, just near the clinics and the universities headquarters. Each room has a personal design key, own bathroom, TV and wireless internet.


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