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Jupiter- Cap Aurora resort is situated between Neptun and Venus, only 5 km from Mangalia, being a part of it from the administrative point of view.

Jupiter is a small resort, situated in a natural, scenical area, represented by a wide cliff, a lake (Tismana) and a forrest (Comorova). Therefore, because of its position it is recommended  not only for spending a relaxing holiday, but for treatments as well. The natural cure factors are: the water of the Black Sea, the maritime climate, rich in saline aerosols and the reserves of  peat mud.

Jupiter is a new resort, that came into the tourist circuit in the beginning of 70’s. Very stylish, it has some modern hotels, sorrunded by a lot of  verdure, which ensures fresh and cool air even in the August hot days.

Cap Aurora has an interesting location on the surroundings of the Romanian Sea Coast, being situated on an half isle that has the aspect of a promomtory, that gets out from the water. This resort has its cliff fragmented in many coves, bordered by sea walls to protect it. Cap Aurora is the newest resort from the Sea Coast, it was inaugurated in 1973.

The Beach: The beach from Jupiter resort has 1km length and is situated next to the beach from Neptun. It is quite wide and the sand is soft. The beach is fragmented by many coves and transversal sea walls that give to this area a dented aspect. The beach from Cap Aurora has the advantage that is situated very close to the hotels, so that the tourists just get out from the hotel on the beach. Also it is quite narrow.

Activities, Sightseeing: Jupiter- Cap-Aurora resort offers to the tourists many bars, clubs, tennis, football and minigolf fields, bowling tracks, open-air cinemas, pools, etc. Tourists can also try water sports, on the sea and on Tismana lake as well.

The Paradis bar is situated on the beach from Jupiter and it is one of the most popular places on the Sea Coast.

Tismana and Jupiter lakes border the beach from the the others areas of the resort close to Paradis Restaurant on the North. The landscape and the possibilities of spending the free time are another element that makes it attractive


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