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Eforie Nord is the second largest resort on the Romanian Sea Coast. Well known  Balneoclimatic resort, in our country and Europe as well, has known in the last years the development towards accommodation and food.

Eforie Nord is situated between the Techirghiol Lake and the Black Sea and it borders to the North with Agigea and to  theSouth with Eforie Sud. It lies only 15 km away from Constanta. The fact that the sea and the Techirghiol Lake are close places this resort among the most popular resorts with permanent  regime from our country. Eforie Nord has the most modern centres of physiotherapeutics in our country- the Efosan Sanatorium and Ana Aslan Helth Spa of Europa Hotel.

The Beach: The beach from Eforie Nord has 3-4 km length and 20-100m width. In its North side the beach is more narrow and has a big cliff, known as a good place for walking. On South the beach is wider and the acces is made directly. Along its length the beach is smooth. The sand has a larger grain than in Constanta or Mamaia. In some places on the beach there are lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Activities, Sightseeing: Eforie Nord offers many possibilities of having fun: discos, clubs, sports, minigolf fields, billiards, The Summer Theatre, places for kids, water sports, pools, etc.

Europa Yacht Club is the first private recreation seaport in Romania, built on Occidental standards. The seaport is just few minutes away from the centre of the city, on the beach that is in front of Europa Hotel. An acces road from the national highway to the seaport. The Marina can shelter simultaneous 60 boats, and the services offered are scuba diving and navigation lessons. Every year in August there is organized Regata of the Sea Coast, an event of great interest fot those who love water sports. On this competiton there are many participants and there is also an exhibition of luxurious boats.

On the resort there are many shops and markets, in the centre as well as on the cliff. Here you can find products that are necessary when you go on the beach (towels, bading suits, swimbelts, water beds, umbrellas, lotions, etc.) but also clothes and shoes. Of course, many of these shops comercialise souvenirs.

The Eforie Nord resort has been one of the most popular resorts lately from the Romanian Sea Coast. It’s more like a quiet resort and cheaper than Mamaia or Neptun, and it is preferred especially by families.


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